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This is who I am:

I am Tash - formally: Natascha Tenner. I am a Barcelona-based German native, raised with three cultures who speaks five languages. I am a Linguist - in other words: my enjoyment comes from creating means for people to meet, to overcome obstacles in fields of language and culture by teaching, translation & interpretation. I am in Barcelona to learn Catalan. Before that I lived, studied and worked in nine cities around the world, and I strive to be one of the most innovative linguists.

This is who I am not:

I am not the personification of these five dictionaries: the Oxford English Dictionary, Duden (German), Diccionario de la lengua española RAE (Spanish), Le Petit Robert (French) and the Ozhegov (Russian). I am a human being with limitations, hence I simply cannot know every single word in each language. Therefore, the above mentioned dictionaries are my best friends when it comes to supporting my goals in work.

But this is what I can do:

I teach: Thanks to the expertise gained as a language teacher and being a language learner myself, I perfectly understand the needs of language students. I bond with my students so that we discover the language together. I translate: I analyse texts and transfer the message while keeping the appropriate style and jargon. I interpret: I listen actively to the speech in order to convey your message, while maintaining the intonation of the original voice.

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In a nutshell, I support people by exchanging knowledge and experience

from one language into another.


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Language courses

English, German, Spanish, Russian | Beginners, intermediate, advanced | Conversation, grammar, writing, listening comprehension | Business related language skills | Individual & groups | Adults, adolescents, children | Home or workplace

Linguistics courses

How children learn languages | How languages change | Origins of language | How languages are interconnected with each other | Interdisciplinary Linguistics crossing Cognitive Science

Intercultural Communication courses

Communication across cultures and their pitfalls | Familiarization with the communication style, rituals, taboos of German-speaking, Spanish-speaking, English-speaking & Slavic cultures


Science, culture, art, tourism, fashion, health, sport, beauty and I am happy to discover new subject areas | Website translation | English / Spanish / Russian > German | German / Spanish / Russian > English

Proofreading & Editorial Services

Compare translation / original text | Check spelling | Identify misunderstandings, omissions, ambiguities | Constructive suggestions to improve the translation | Editing, rewriting, condensing & summarising an original text | Adjust jargon to match the right market | German, Spanish, Russian, English


Simultaneous / booth | Consecutive & whispered | Conference, workshop, museum | Voiceover for commercials, documentaries, trailers, radio, video games, telephone & airport announcements | Transcription of sound files | English / Spanish / Russian < > German

Fees: tash[at]

Terms: tash[at]


I am extremely passionate about languages and linguistics and I love talking about it. If you are interested in having me speak or conduct a workshop at your conference, company, event, please get in touch with me.

To ensure that I can offer my clients the best services possible, I am unable to take on every project simply because it is work. I will accept projects because I believe in what you are trying to accomplish with your work and therefore, I will support you and create synergies.


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Germany - Jena

23 years

M.A. Russian & Spanish Linguistics, Pedagogy. Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. 2003 - 2010 | Indo-European studies, English Linguistics & grammar courses. FSU. 2007 | Secondary School. Ernst-Haeckel-Gymnasium. General qualification for university entrance: Abitur. Major subjects: Mathematics, English. 1997 - 2003

Armenia - Yerevan

2 months

Language assistant (Russian). Steiner School Yerevan | Armenian language studies, religion & culture studies. 2004

Cuba - Havana

14 months

Spanish Linguistics, Cuban Literature. University of Havana. 2005 - 2006 | Intern. Secundaria Rubén Martínez Villena. 2006 | Travels to Chile, Argentina, Mexico. Exposed to variations of Latin American Spanish. 2006

Russia - Moscow

10 months

Russian Linguistics & Literature, grammar, Comparative Linguistics. Lomonosov-University. 2007 - 2008 | Intern. German School Moscow Friedrich Joseph Haass. 2008

Costa Rica - San José

3 months

Translation assistant & subtitling, planning seminars about children's rights. NGO Fundación Paniamor San José. | Intern. Colegio Humboldt San José. 2008

Belarus - Minsk

2 months

Bielorussian A1. Belarusian State University. 2009

Spain - Madrid & Santa Cruz de Tenerife

2 months

Language assistant (German & English). Steiner Escuela Libre Micael. Madrid. 2009 | Language assistant (German & English) for Master students in Conference Interpreting. La Laguna University. Tenerife. 2014

New Zealand - Wellington

12 months

Freelance German & Spanish teacher. Adults, level A1 - C1 & expatriate children. Goethe-Institut Wellington. 2010 - 2011

United Kingdom - London

3 years

Freelance Teacher, Translator, Editor | Cactus Languages. 2011 - 2014 | Biblical Hebrew course. West London Synagogue. 2013 | Community Interpreting Spanish-English course. Adult Learning & Skills Service Hammersmith. 2013 | Conference Interpreting course. Metropolitan University. 2013 - 2014

France - Paris

15 months

French B1. Alliance française Paris. July/August 2012 & April/May 2013 | German & English teacher. Business Talk France & Berlitz. 2014 - 2015


Tutor - Translator - Interpreter

Synergies with you?



I am an autodidact. I am driven by analysing and acquiring new concepts, ideas and skills. Without prior knowledge, I taught myself, for example, to create my own website; to read Hebrew and to play the guitar. Additionally, I have a good eye and ear for linguistic phenomena.


Besides studying the deeper layers of Indo-European languages, I love travelling so that I can discover new interesting cities and develop myself in my capabilities. To recharge my batteries, I enjoy dancing the tango.


German Academic Exchange Service. 2013 - 2014
Tandem Foundation. Italian course, Venice. 2014
L’office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse. French course, Paris. 2013
Leonardo Da Vinci. Internship, London. 2011
FSU Jena Interships Abroad. Costa Rica. 2008

Download CV: tash[at]


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... the word "talent" was an ancient unit of weight? These quotes and linguistic phenomena below reflect my playspace linking observations I made in fields of linguistics, philosophy, psychology, evolution, culture, religion and other interdisciplinary fields. Any comments? Please contact me!


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Links: - the roots of the English language - the origins of Spanish words


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Feel free to send me an email or look me up on LinkedIn or Facebook. It's only a stone's throw from here. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Natascha Tenner

Email: tash[at]

Phone: +34(0).644.88.67.23

Skype: tash-multilingualsynergies

Active memberships: Linguistics Association of Great Britain | The Philological Society. London | University and College Union (UCU)

If you need an interpreter and/or translator in your city, I can warmly recommend my fellow colleagues:

Martina Mayer | Innsbruck/Austria & Paris/France | French > German / German, English, Spanish > French |

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